MariComp Oy Vantaa
P.O.Box 550, Pohjantähdentie 17, FI-01451 Vantaa, Finland
Tel +358 (0)207 508 550, Fax +358 (0)207 508 551

MariComp Eesti OÜ
Paljassaare tee 43 E/F, 10313 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel +372 560 631 26

MariComp Oy is one of Finland's leading precision machining workshops. We provide machining, engineering, coating and assembly solutions fulfilling even the most challenging customer needs. A strong reputation, the strive for continuous customer satisfaction and an active investment policy will help MariComp Oy stay competitive for the future.

About 100 highly motivated manufacturing professionals have the latest machining technologies at their disposal. The production facilities are located in Vantaa and in Tallinn.

We work in close co-operation with our customers in order to find an efficient plan for production. Usually, the part has to be engineered to be manufactured in the most economical way possible.
Prototypes are manufactured using the latest CAD and CAM programs, which enable shorter delivery times.